Chemical Control Valves

Badger Meter Low Flow Control Valves effect automatic accurate control of gases or liquids at low flows at a wide range of pressures.


The Badger range of low flow Control Valves is essential in process plants where demand can be constantly changing or where a constant rate is required with other parameters being variable.This also especially pertinent in pilot plants where it may not be known exactly what is needed and may also require constant adaptation for multi-product plants.  The wide selection of interchangeable trims with a rangeability of up to 60:1 available from Badger enables you to carry out testing without having to make major changes to the plant.

Badger valves have almost limitless possibilities, therefore categorising is somewhat difficult.  Some typical applications, products processes include, pilot plants, dosing, injection, steam (process and services), chemical dosing, pressureValvesRC250 let-down, venting, cryogenics, oxygen control, nitrogen control, carbon dioxide control, hydrogen control, liquefied gases, hazardous liquids, catalysts, plastics manufacture, high pressure control, high temperature control, laboratory processes, small scale plants, microreactors, additive injection, biotechnology, acids, alkalis, dye injection, mixing, zero fugitive emission, semiconductor, flavours, fragrances, polymer, supercritical fluids, hydrogenation and gas blending.

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Badger Meter do nValvesHP60ot just manufacture standard valves.  they also produce many valves for specific and/or demanding applications

A good example is the Ultra high pressure valve model HP60 which was specifically developed for injecting a catalyst at very low flow rates at a pressure of 60,000 psi for the production of HPLDPE (high pressure low density polyethylene).

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