Cryogenic Control Valves

Badger Meter Cryogenic Control Valves are ideal for precise metering of liquefied gases ensuring accurate temperature control.


Badger has two specific valves, the RC260 with its 14 extended bonnet enables the valve to be maintained at cryogenic temperature and the gland packing at room temperature, and the CBX (cold box) valve which allows for maintenance without need to disconnect valve from plant. Clever design and thinking “outside the box” from Badger

In the food processing industry, the need to freeze food quickly and efficiently requires accurate flow control. One of the most common applications using RC260 and CBX valves in cryogenics is for liquid nitrogen at -196 Deg C for freeze drying, spray drying and cooling tunnels and it can be linked to a Badger coriolis flowmeter to control the exact amount of CO2 to ensure uniform freezing without excess waste to keep cost down.

Typical applicationsValvesRC260 for our Cryogenic valves include (naturally not limited to) pilot plants, dosing, injection, steam (process and services), chemical dosing, pressure let-down, venting, cryogenics, oxygen control, nitrogen control, carbon dioxide control, food production, liquefied gases, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and supercritical fluids.

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