Food Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

Badger food grade sanitary/hygienic control valves build on the same technical expertise and outstanding quality of their industrial range.


The accurate control capability of Badger control valves ensures that precise quantities of flavourings can be sprayed. A good example of their use is for the spraying of flavourings on crisps, chips and crackers, reducing media wastage whilst ensuring that an even coating is maintained.

Extended bonnet valves are available for cryogenic applications in the food industry, a common use being for controlling liquid nitrogen at -196 Deg C used for freeze drying, spray drying and cooling tunnels.

ValvesSC500Other typical applications, products and/or processes include dosing, injection, steam (process and services), chemical dosing, laboratory processes, pilot plants, bioreactors, fermenters, small scale plants, additive injection, food colourings injection, flavours, fragrances, supercritical fluids, hydrogenation and gas blending (including Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) applications metering the carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen).


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