Oil & Gas

With the never ending demand for oil and gas, production has increased significantly, while limited supply means extraction requires working at much greater depths.


This has its own challenges with problems with freezing and corrosion from produced water.

Badger valves are used for controlled flows of antifreeze and anti-corrosion chemicals to reduce these effects and maintain production in Oil fields throughout the world both on land and offshore including the North Sea in the UK.

Further typical applications, products processes for Badger Valves in the oil and gas industry  include, pilot plants, dosing, injection, steam (process and services), pilot valves for larger valves, chemical dosing, offshore chemical injection, hydrocarbons, oxygen control, nitrogen control, carbon dioxide control, hydrogen control, liquefied gases, hazardous liquids, boiler feed, high pressure control, high temperature exhaust gases, laboratory processes, small scale plants, additive injection, acids, alkalis, biodiesel and gas blending.

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