Intelligent Valve Positioner SRD991

Analog controlled valve with positioning fast control

Product Information

The Intelligent Valve Positioner SRD991 with analog input 4…20 mA is designed to operate pneumatic valve actuators. It offers an easy adjustment by means of 3 pushbuttons or inputs from external controllers or PC-based systems via optional HART, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus-PA or infrared interface IRCOM  and is Atex Rated EEx ia IIC T6

• Analog valve control with fast control behavior
• Easy local operation and adjustments
• Valve action & rotation configurable
• Electrical adaptation of zero and span by potentiometers
• Extensive in-house knowledge always available
• Repairs effected by our experienced team

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The SRD991 Intelligent valve positioner uses some of the most advanced technology on the market today to give the widest range of control with simple operation

Easy to operate menu driven LCD
Simple 3 pushbutton local operation and configuration
Valve action and rotation fully configurable
Advanced diagnostics and status available on LCD display
Gain and damping independently adjustable
Easy mounting to all linear and rotary actuators
Wide range of Protocols available

Housing in Stainless Steel
Limit Switches (inductive or Micro switches)
Position feedback 4…20 mA
Binary inputs/outputs
HART Protocol
Infrared interface for wireless communication
Manifolds for gauges and boosters