I/P Transducers

Simple, fast and accurate PID control

Product Information

The most common I/P transducer used with Badger Control Valves is the ABB TEIP11 mounted in an IP65 enclosure and available as an EExia IIc unit for flameproof areas.  Head mounted on the AC-OS (754) or AC-CS (755) 3-15psi actuators the response time is under 0.5 second with a stability of 0.1 – 0.2%.  Available with a 0-20 or 4-20mA input.   This combination is widely used in flow control loops with a coriolis mass flowmeter.   It can also be used for split range to control two valves.

If preferred, we can supply the Fairchild T6000 or T7800 I/P transducers which are rail mounted and have a wide range of available parameters.

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The ABB TEIP11 I/P transducer converts a current signal 0/4-20mA to a pneumatic signal.  Its fast response time and excellent stability, with high immunity to shocks and vibrations,  works perfectly in combination with a Badger control valve for pressure and flow control loops.  Requiring only an instrument quality air supply, it can take a wide range input pressure 1.4…10 bar (20 – 150 psi) to give a 3-15 psi (0.2-1 bar) output signal.

ATEX EExia or EEx D

Stainless steel case

Split range facility