Trims3The innervalve or “trim” represents the “heart” of the control valve and includes a matched single seat and profiled plug allowing for a wide range of trim selections.

Badger Research Control Valve trim configurations are engineered for precise small and medium flow control (Cv’s from 0.0000018 to 54) and are designed to match the flow profiles of your system. Selecting the appropriate flow characteristics and trim size is key to any system and will enable it to function within its design specifications. Trim configurations are available to match flow characteristics including equal percentage, linear, quick opening and double taper. We also offer a range of soft seat options.

Guides to trim characteristics and options are available below. Contact us at Pump Engineering since we are the leading UK specialist in this area and will be able to offer a more tailored and guaranteed selection. From your system parameters and using Badger Meter’s RCVCalc control valve software, ours and Badger’s extensive in-house knowledge base, we can select the best valve and trim to suit your application.


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